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Why does Jesus pray?

Earphones are one of the best inventions in my book because anyone can walk down the street and have a conversation without interruption. Whereas before that, people would just see me as a maniac talking to imaginary people. Jokes aside, does prayer ever feel like that to you? Christians believe that Jesus is God. But the Bible tells us of many instances where Jesus Himself prays. Is He praying to Himself? How does that work?

One of the many reasons Jesus prays is to teach us to pray. In fact, there was once a time Jesus’ disciples approached Him asking to be taught how to pray (John 11:1). Jesus’ reply became what’s now known as the Lord’s Prayer. Each week we’ll be looking at a line from the prayer in order to answer 3 questions:

1. What is Jesus teaching us about God?

2. How is this truth similar/different to what is universally accepted?

3. Why is this truth important?

Jesus said, pray then like this.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

(Matthew 6:9)

What is Jesus teaching us about God?

1. God relates to us as a Father, with all that fatherhood implies. We are His children. He wants what’s best for his children and He knows what’s best. We trust.

2. God is in heaven and we are not. We must not forget He created us and He is holy.

3. God is the Father of many. “Our Father” not “my.” We must be part of His family.

4. God is the greatest treasure to be found. Hallowed is to treat with highest honour and name refers to all that God is.

How is this truth similar/different to what the world thinks?

1. The world thinks or wants to believe that God is benevolent. Jesus expands upon that and makes it even better – God is Father.

2. Individualism makes Jesus' teaching a bit awkward because the church is not optional.

Why is this truth important?

1. We all want our own name to be hallowed instead of God. This corrects us.

2. We forget who God is and what our relationship to Him is. Is he a discipline master? A boss? A vending machine?

3. The purpose of prayer is to glorify God. Hallowed by your name.

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